Guangzhou Fa Zhi Ya cosmetics Co., Ltd.


     Guangzhou Fa Zhi Ya cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a researchand development, production, manufacture, marketing as one of professional,international perfume cosmetics company. The company has a strong productdevelopment capabilities, scientific management experience and advancedproduction equipment, professional perfumer team. And the world's top ten spicecompany IFF, Givaudan, Firmenich, Symrise, German music filled, France Man,Veyron has established long-term cooperative relationship, the use oftraditional French perfume manufacturing process, from the use of havingGrasse, France Manor natural spices aromatic plants cultivation "perfumecapital of the world" reputation as raw material by distillation,expression, fat suction method, carbon dioxide extraction method, the plantsflower, fruit, leaves, stems, roots most precious concentrated essence of eachbottle products, convergence of the energy of the universe, make your life fullof aromatic nature. We and France's top pharmaceutical laboratories,dermatology center (Derma) the authority of product research and testing center(IEC) in close cooperation, continue to launch better meet global consumerdemand for quality products of different beauty,

     Guangzhou Fa Zhi Ya cosmetics Co., Ltd has passed GMPC,ISO22716 quality management system certification. We have been to productquality as the lifeblood of business development, reputation for corporatesurvival. Create wealth for the community, for enterprises to win profits forthe consumer to create a better life for the business goals.

   Liv Dayton always follow the "nature,science, security," the concept of research and development, theimplementation of "customer satisfaction standard" for quality. Itsexpertise and high quality products, has won the Guangdong Province"outstanding maquiladoras," "safe production disciplineunits" and "top ten perfume production enterprises" honorarytitle. Liv Dayton will work harder in the future, committed to women to createbeautiful, beautiful to create a harmonious society to contribute.

   Main products are: body perfume series,hotel clubs perfuming series, car perfume series, bulk perfume series, rattanseries of essential oils, body oils series, luxury car ornaments series,crystal perfume car seat series, OEM processing series.

First, the purpose of the enterprise:customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction

Second, the spirit of enterprise: honesty,integrity, unity, cooperation and proactive, continuous innovation andexcellence

Third, corporate mission: to make womenmore beautiful, to achieve a better life

Fourth, personnel policy: recruitinginternationalization, employing rationalization, scientific education, incentivesto keep people of

Fifth, the concept of talent: Derby wasimportant attitude than ability is important, more important than the qualityof experience

VI Quality: customer satisfaction,according to standard

Seven lines of action: upright man, workingsense, the courage to take responsibility

Eight, procurement policy: equality, mutualbenefit, honest and trustworthy

Environmental and occupational health andsafety policy

1, compliance, awareness

2, full participation, responsibility

3, prevention and treatment, prevention ofaccidents

4, pollution control, energy conservation

5, scientific management, continuousimprovement

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